Ashes of Creation has Unveiled All 64 of its Playable Classes

Credit// Intrepid Studios
Ashes of Creation just might have the most insane class system we've seen in a long time. Thanks to player input during the game's Alpha test phase, the developers at Intrepid Studios have come up with a secondary class system which gives you 64 playable class combinations.
Intrepid has defended their decision saying, "players love options when choosing their character and our goal at intrepid Studios is to build a system that favors choice and variety for our fans. This led us to introduce the Secondary Class into the game." And damn is that a lot of choice.
Credit// Intrepid Studios
As stated in the blog post announcing all 64 classes, "One of the most important decisions you'll make in your Ashes of Creation career is picking your class. It shouldn't be something you stress over too much, but it also needs to be something that lets you feel unique enough to not be "Nameless Sword-and-Shield Hero Number 47". With that in mind, our class system lets you pick one of eight (8) base classes to begin, and then later you'll be able to mix in a secondary class to create one of sixty-four unique class mixes."
And because your primary class doesn't get dropped from the list of potential secondary classes, you can absolutely double-down and be the bardiest bard who could ever bard. Just, don't forget to use your songs. Nothing is sadder than a songless bard, after all.
The game is currently entering it's Friends and Family Alpha Zero test, but you can still get in on the fun if you haven't already. You can register here to be part of the Alpha test.

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