AtGames To Feature Zaccaria Pinball Tables In Legends Arcade

AtGames and Zaccaria Pinball has come to a new agreement that will bring their pinball titles over to the Legends Arcade. The plan will be to incorporate several of their games into the machines so that players will be able to play digitalized versions of their games as part of the library of pinball titles you can access. The companies haven't revealed which titles will be added, nor have they given a street date as to when we'll see this happen, but it appears the deal is in the works. We're guessing six months as a ballpark timeline to get the games worked out and eventually incorporated as either an update or added to newer models. You can read more about the partnership from today's announcement below.

A look at a Legends Arcade pinball machine, courtesy of AtGames.
A look at a Legends Arcade pinball machine, courtesy of AtGames.

Zaccaria Pinball, which presently has a Very Positive rating on Steam, includes a large collection of licensed tables. This collection includes solid state, electro-mechanical, retro, remake and award tables across a variety of genres and playfield styles. These exacting pinball recreations will duplicate their impressive features, visuals, sounds and physics on the Legends Arcade Family products. Thanks to the flexibility of the Legends Arcade Family products, each of these pinball tables can be played with authentic arcade controls on low latency and vertical displays. For even more authenticity, these games will also be playable on Legends Pinball, The World's First Connected Pinball, which features a 32-inch high-definition LCD playfield, a 15.6 inch LCD backglass, real spring-loaded precision plunger, tactile feedback, and accelerometers to create the most impressive virtual pinball experience on the market.

These Zaccaria Pinball tables will also be integrated into the exclusive AtGames Leagues Leaderboards (ALL) feature, which lets players on the Legends Arcade Platform compete on universal global leaderboards. The Zaccaria Pinball tables will join the growing list of arcade games, console games and virtual pinball tables that already support this market-leading feature. Like the 22 Gottlieb tables that run at 1080p/60fps on the Legends Pinball, and a minimum of 720p/30fps on every other Legends Arcade Family device, the large collection of Zaccaria tables will be ported to run directly on the hardware. This porting process and use of native hardware capabilities ensures maximum performance.

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