Black Panther Takes Over Funko In January

Black Panther is getting a humongous amount of Funko products in January. With the film coming in February, this is not a surprise. They will be offering a little of everything as well including: a huge wave of Pops, keychains, Pint Size, plush, and Dorbz. Let's take a look shall we?

Black Panther Funko Pop Keychains and Plush

Two keychains to collect. You will notice a theme of the blue glow suit throughout the line. The plushies look great, and it looks like the case pack is pretty even so that's a good thing.

Black Panther Funko Dorbz and Pint Size Heroes

Dorbz focus on Panther and Erik Killmonger, with both of their respective suits represented. The only exclusive looks to be the blue glow suit again at Hot Topic. I am excited about the Pint Size, who wants to bet me that the mystery figure is the blue glow suit Black Panther?

Black Panther Funko Pops

Now onto the Pops. Three versions of Black Panther are coming, and it is a little curious that the unmasked version is the regular and full suit is a Chase. Odd choice there, although I guess it looks like he will be spending a lot of time without the mask on in the film. Killmonger also gets a chase with a mask on, and the likeness to Michael B. Jordan is spot on. Shuri and Nakia also receive a general release. All of these sculpts look wonderful with lots of little details, so I am excited to get my hands on these.

Black Panther Funko Pop Exclusives

Not too many exclusives to track down. Although two of them are in hard to get stores. Walmart gets a glow version of Killmonger, while Target gets the blue glow version of Black Panther. Both are stores that are notorious for being terrible at getting their exclusives out, so good luck. Okoye being a Funko Shop exclusive is a nice change, I have had pretty painless experiences dealing with them. Overall, I am glad that these will be mostly variants that I will not need to track down.

These products will all be on shelves in January. You can also preorder here.


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