Call Of Duty: WWII's Micro-transaction System Is Delayed Until Next Week

Call Of Duty: WWII's Micro-transaction System Is Delayed Until Next Week

Activision has announced a delay for the launch of Call of Duty: WWII's micro-transaction system, which has been pushed until next week. The micro-transaction system allows players to purchase Call of Duty: WWII's in-game currency (the creatively named COD Points), which can be exchanged for what the series calls Supply Drops. They're really just WWII-themed loot boxes, but you know. You can still earn Supply Drops through the age-old system of grinding forever, so its not like the loot boxes have been postponed. Right now, you just can't buy them. You have to actually earn them the old-fashioned way. Some people are naturally delighted by this, others, not so much.

Let's not forget that many players are experiencing bugs that prevent their earned Supply Drops from actually, you know, dropping. That bug is still being worked on according to Activision Support.

No specific reason for micro-transaction system's delay was discussed, though Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer has been dogged with a variety of problems since its launch, which developer Sledgehammer Games acknowledged in a post on its website over the weekend.

"We're seeing millions of fans play every day," said the studio in its statement. "However, we also know we've had issues, there's frustration. We recognize that and we hear you."

"Our highest priority is to deliver the best online experience possible. We're not there yet, and we won't rest until we are."

Last week it was confirmed Call of Duty: WWII sold twice as many copies in its first three days of release than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare did during the same period. The franchise's return to WWII also reportedly saw the highest total connected users on current-generation consoles and PC in series history. Because we all just freaking love WWII combat apparently.

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