Clue Scrolls are Returning to RuneScape After Being Completely Overhauled

Clue Scrolls are Returning to RuneScape After Being Completely Overhauled

Back in 2017, Jagex released a survey for RuneScape players asking for them to rank their preference for future updates. The most desired feature based on that survey was an overhauled Clue Scrolls system, and an enhanced and advanced version of the system is finally coming. The new version will enable players to snag the most valuable in-game rewards in the game's Treasure Trails activity, it will also unlock the Master Tier of riddles and puzzles, and the potential to uncover some of the "most valuable treasure in the entire MMORPG." So this is some great news for the gear hounds. You know who you are.

If you're new to Clue Scrolls, they're RuneScape's form of treasure hunts, which give players a series of clues, riddles, and puzzles to solve which will lead them to buried treasure. With the Master Tier, Clue Scrolls will now have five levels of difficulty, with rewards scaling to match. Players completing the Master Tier treasure hunts have the chance to find over 60 new rewards for high end gear, including the Second Age armor, evening outfits, and the Robin Hood outfit. These are some of the most valuable items available currently in the game, which makes them a fantastic status symbol.

Clue Scrolls will also have a more streamlined and entertaining experience, including the ability to stash items in convenient locations. The new Clue Scrolls will coincide with a launch of new meta, high scores, a collection log, and a brand-new Globetrotter Outfit.

Said Matt Casey, Senior Product Manager, RuneScape said of the update:

When we spoke to our players at RuneFest 2017, we wanted to make it clear that we would be delivering some of their most desired updates to RuneScape throughout 2018. With the full launch of the Clue Scroll rework we're beginning to do just that, whether it's the hardcore challenge of the Master Tier, or the incredibly desirable rewards at the end of the trails.

Jagex also shared a couple pieces of concept art for the Second Age, Robin Hood, and evening outfits which you can check out below.

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