The Crew 2 Finally Gets a Release Date, and It's Coming This Summer

Ubisoft has taken The Crew 2 out of the shadows and announced the title's release date.

The crew 2

The racing genre is dominated by 'simulation' games like Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, and Project Cars. Players who enjoy more arcadey and less realistic racers have had a rough go of it for a few years. Perhaps besides the generally pretty good Forza Horizon series, others series like Need for Speed have floundered somewhat. The Crew was a promising new entry a few years back, but it felt like it never quite reached its full potential. That's why there is a lot of hope that The Crew 2 will realise what the first game set up.

It seems we won't have too long to wait either. While the game was delayed a little while ago, Ubisoft has now come out and revealed that the title will be landing on June 29th on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. To celebrate the announcement Ubisoft has put out this trailer for the game, showing off the expanded roster of vehicles you'll get to mess around with planes and boats joining the fun. Take a look:

The game apparently was having a secret closed alpha this week too, so it's perhaps not surprising that we are seeing movement here.

I really am pulling for The Crew 2. As someone who prefers driving games that embrace speed and a little chaos, this seems like it might fill that void. Bringing in planes and boats is just a great little stroke of genius too. June really isn't that far away now either.