Daredevil Joins The Marvel Legends 12-Inch Line, And We Welcome Him With Open Arms

Daredevil is not one of the characters I would have thought to be joining the Marvel Legends 12-inch line right away, but on further thought, why wouldn't he be? Arguably, the character's profile has never been higher with the success of the Netflix show The Defenders hitting this week (and the comic hitting shelves as well) — and there has never been a better time to be a Daredevil fan.

Some collectors were turned off by this SDCC exclusive, since it not only came in the 12-inch scale, but it also meant that there would be no 3 3/4-inch exclusive this year. But once they get this in their hands on this one, all would be forgiven.

The packaging features artwork by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada, and it may be the best he has drawn in a while. The artwork all around really pops on the box. The inside also comes with two art prints of the box art. While a neat pack-in, I will probably leave them in there. The coolest part of the package is that the back of the box is printed in braille. That kind of attention to detail and paying homage to a characters history, while also accommodating fans that may also be without their sight and identifying with Matt on that level, is so cool. The transcription on the back:

"Blinded as a child by a radioactive substance, Matt Murdock learned that there was more to seeing than sight.
Lawyer by day and super hero by night, Murdock adopted the name Daredevil and sought to protect the citizens of Hell's Kitchen from ever-impending danger."

Once the figure is freed from its plastic prison, two things stand out: this is one of the best-sculpted Daredevil figures we have ever gotten. The articulation is spectacular, there is not really much you cannot do with this figure. Every pose is achieved with minimal effort; I only wish I had a big enough figure stand that I could get him into some more leaping poses. The paint aps are also perfect on mine, no bleed anywhere, nothing.

And then we get to the belt. Oh this belt. It comes apart in the front, which is nice, but not when you are trying to pose the figure. The case on the leg for his batons also make his left leg a touch harder to get in a pose, but it is not impossible. Bets to pose then fix the belt and case. The figure always looks like it is in motion, and that is thanks to the texture of the suit and the way it meets at the joints and sculpt.

Fans have been kinda split on the Matt head sculpt, but I like it a lot. A beat-up face can sometimes look really terrible, but I feel like they nailed this one. Even more so are the pair of taped up forearms and hands, where it looks like Matt had a long night. I actually prefer the Matt head to the masked one; I think it gives the figure a ton of character. The mask that also comes packed in makes for an interesting piece, as well.

Overall, for $60, the quality is there to make this a buy. A couple nitpicks aside, from the packaging through the figure itself, you can tell that the love was there when they created this figure. This is now my favorite Daredevil in my collection. Wanna add it to yours? He will will going up on Hasbro Toy Shop for sale this week.

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