"Darkest Dungeon" is Getting PvP With May's "The Butcher's Circus"

Austere roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon is getting a new addition in the form of PvP content in the near future. Developer Red Hook Studios is offering PvP for the first time ever in its already challenging game ahead of announcing additional details about the upcoming Darkest Dungeon 2.

Credit: Red Hook Studios

While there have been plenty of DLC packs in the past, this new addition will allow teams of 4 characters to square off against other teams in a bid for supremacy. You can duke it out in an area that's separate from your campaign group, and you'll get special tools to build up your teams respectively.

"We weren't joking – The Butcher's Circus is coming in May!" the official Darkest Dungeon Twitter account announced. "Play intense PVP arena battles against your friends and enemies alike. Pick your party & loadout, and let the games begin!"

The game will feature a variety of different ranks to get up through and lengthy battles to tear into. It's mostly centered on PvP content, but there's alluring single-player brawls to get involved in as well. It all depends on what you want to do, after all.

As far as what to expect from Darkest Dungeon 2 in the future, it was originally announced back in February 2019. We haven't heard much more about it since, but we do know it will offer a much different metagame than the original. It will also feature much more refined combat. Narrator Wayne June and composer Stuart Chatwood are on board for the sequel as well as the special effects team Power Up.

For now, we're curious. Are you excited about competing with your friends in PvP modes? Be sure to let us know what you think about the upcoming PvP DLC and whether you're into pulverizing others into a pulp in the realm of Darkest Dungeon.

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