David Pumpkins Gets A Funko Pop, Because Of Course

David Pumpkins. I don't get it. At all. I saw so many people dressed as this guy on Halloween…it just isn't funny. I maybe chuckled once at that skit. Tom Hanks is fun as this character, but the obsession with the guy is insane. He had his own Halloween special on last weekend. And it was animated! I just do not understand! Someone help me understand! I do think that the jacket is cool though.

As with everything, we are now getting a Funko Pop. It seemed inevitable since about five seconds after it was first on TV screens.

David Pumpkins Funko Pop

David Pumpkins Gets A Funko Pop, Because Of Course

Enter at your own risk!
The SNL sketch 100 floors of frights is now joining Pop!

David Pumpkins, David S. Pumpkins, are we supposed to know who this is?

The scariest thing to the mind is the unknown,
have no fear we know David S. Pumpkins is joining Pop!
Shown with his pumpkin suit, and white streak in his hair.

Any questions?

I mean, it looks perfect. It will sell tons. I just do not understand. I will however support this if it means that we will get more SNL characters made into Pops. That has potential to be a huge line for them. The cheerleaders, Wayne's World, Church Lady, Mango, there is no shortage of possibilities here. Why didn't they also make the skeletons? I would argue that the two dancing skeletons are the best part of that whole sketch! They will probably make those as well. And Plushies, and Mystery Minis, Pint Size Heroes, pens, keychains.

They say this will be out this winter. Since for some reason they did not have it ready by Halloween, they better have it out by Christmas. How they didn't have this out by October 31 I have no idea.

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