The Death Star Is The Ultimate Collectible In The Galaxy

Star Wars fans love the Death Star. It is just a fact. It is the ultimate show of power in the galaxy after all. Thanks to the film Rogue One, not only do we know why it was so easy for Luke to blow up in A New Hope, but we know how the plans were delivered to the rebellion itself. And the Death Star is enjoying a bit of a renaissance itself. People are appreciating it for all of its destructive beauty all over again, and today, we are going to look at some ways you can bring one into your home for all time.

The very first Death Star merchandise was put out by Kenner toys in 1978 and was the very first playset released in their wildly successful Star Wars toy line. The playset was three floors tall, featuring an elevator, an SB-920 laser cannon, the chasm that Luke and Leia swing across, and even a trash compactor complete with a Dionoga monster. This is a sought-after piece by collectors today (I still need one myself), and can be difficult to find with the rope piece and Dianoga.


Air Hogs makes a drone set that comes with a levitating Death Star and a drone X-Wing you can fly around it. It features some infrared lasers in both ships that they fire at each other and shake and whatnot. I personally have had some of the Air Hogs offerings and find them to be hit or miss as far as getting them to behave how they are supposed to, but drones also aren't really my thing.


Hot Wheels has gotten into the act as well, building one of their traditional racecar tracks around the Death Star to perform an attack run with their line of Star Wars themed cars. The set comes with an X-Wing car and a TIE Fighter car for the track, and plenty are sold separately.

For the home, there are quite a few things available. Kitchens can now be a tribute to the starship, as you can get measuring cups, kitchen timers, ice cube molds, and even a teapot. My personal favorite is the Death Star popcorn maker and bowl. You better believe I will be getting those for my first home viewing of Rogue One.


Decorations galore as well, with rugs, lamps, clocks, and even a version of Starry Night available for your walls and floors. I have already ordered myself a Death Star rug for the floor of my collecting room.


But to me, the ultimate Death Star collectible is Lego set 75159. The Death Star in all of its Lego brick glory. One of the biggest sets ever made, it clocks in at 3,803 bricks and contains a whopping 24 mini-figures. A who's who of characters is included, and you can recreate pretty much any scene you want from Death Star 1 or 2. The thing is massive, and at $499.99, the most expensive product here. Lego has retired the set a couple times already, so there is no telling how long it will be available for. It really is the ultimate Death Star collectible, and one I hope to add to my home soon.

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