Destiny 2 Updates – Character Data Will Carry Over


Bungie has finally, officially started talking about the Destiny sequel. Granted, it was in an investor call and later a blog post, but still. Destiny 2 news, finally!

The biggest piece of news is that guardian race, gender, and appearance currently have the potential to carry over from Destiny to Destiny 2 – which suggests that it will be a direct sequel with the same implied protagonist. Much like other serial titles that import character data (I'm thinking the Mass Effect trilogy here), your weapons, armor, items, and light score won't carry over. So everyone gets reset to level 1 with shit armor, but you can keep your guardian's face. Which is nice.

The blog post reads that, "specifically, the class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections for all characters that have achieved Level 20 and completed the Black Garden story mission will carry forward. We also plan to award those veteran accounts with honors that reflect your Destiny 1 accomplishments."


So players with a maxed out light score will at least get credit for all that excessive grinding. It's nice when you're rewarded for that kind of thing, huh?

You'll also be able to use all the old armor, but it won't carry over. So you'll have to buy it/find it/earn it again. I know quite a few players who would have liked to keep their Gjallahorn or No Land Beyond, but they'll just have to grind for it again I suspect. Personally, I'll miss my sword. Because there's nothing like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

The last thing we heard about Destiny 2 was the official confirmation during the Activision earnings call a month back. Hopefully this news means we'll hear more from Bungie soon.

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