Devil's Hunt is Nothing Like The Witcher, and That's Awesome

Devil's Hunt at GDC
credit// 1C Entertainment

1C Enterainment and Layopi Games' Devil's Hunt is  a third-person action game based on the novel Equilibrium by Paweł Leśniak. As such, the game centers around the eternal war between Angels and Demons.

Players take on the role of Desmond, the only person capable of turning the tides on favor of one faction or another, though he can help either side. Desmond gained demonic powers and became an executioner for hell, but he's still human enough to fight for the Angels as well. Trapped between the two, players get to negotiate how Desmond deals with his dual existence.

Either way they choose, the game's combat is mainly hand-to-hand as Desmond fights with his fist and demonic claws. Though he can switch between his human and demonic form, for various advantages.

Devil's Hunt boasts nearly 100 cutscenes which total to about 2 hours of footage. Those cutscenes will comprise the majority of the narrative which takes its cues from Leśniak's novel. It helps that the author himself started the studio that is creating the game.

Devil's Hunt at GDC
credit// 1C Entertainment

The combat in Devil's Hunt is surprisingly smooth for an indie game, especially from a relatively unknwon development team. After all, this game is their primary focus. That time and dedication clearly shows through in all aspects of the game.

I've been pleasantly surprised by Devil's Hunt so far. The game has been compared to CD Projekt Red's The Witcher, and such comparisons are rather inevitable. However, they do both games a disservice. While both are Polish games based on Polish novels, the similarities really end there. Both are fantastical tales, true, but based on very different mythologies. The combat is also vastly different. A closer comparison wouls probably be Capcom's Devil May Cry. Both for the story and the frenetic combo-heavy combat.

Devil's Hunt is slated to release in the third quarter of this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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