DICE Reveals More Battlefield V War Stories' Campaign Details

Battlefield V

EA developer DICE used the Battlefield twitter account this morning to share details on the single player War Stories campaign mode for the upcoming Battlefield V. Earlier this week we got a teaser trailer showing us many of the different War Stories locations, and yesterday gave us a new single player gameplay video that gave a more in-depth look at the Nordlys, Under No Flag, and Last Tiger stories.

Today's tweetstorm started about six hours ago. Each tweet gives us more information on the background of the various World War II campaigns and battles that were used to inspire the War Stories campaign missions.

Finally, the twitter barrage ended with a re-tweet from one of DICE's level designers who worked on the War Stories missions. The retweet included a bit of a light spoiler for one of the game's achievements:

I got a chance to take a closer look at some of the Nordlys campaign and the game's pseudo battle-royale Grand Operations mode back at E3 just after the first single player campaign tease, and I was pretty psyched to see Battlefield V go into areas of WWII that we don't often see translated to film or games. That enthusiasm hasn't waned much as we get more and more details on the single player War Stories. My opinions on the Grand Operations mode are a bit more varied from day to day as I recall the demo experience, so I think I'm going to reserve judgement on those, and remain cautiously optimistic for them. Plus, I tend to be more fond of story campaigns than multiplayer mayhem anyhow.

The War Stories campaign, though, still looks awesome. You can't really argue with the cinematics and art involved in the various War Stories trailers we've seen so far, and based on my E3 demo, the game looks nearly as good in-engine.

Battlefield V will release on November 20th, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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