Dishonored 2: Death Of The Outsider At PAX West

Dishonored 2: Death Of The Outsider At PAX West

Dishonored 2's Death of the Outsider DLC at PAX West was, well, underwhelming. The demo essentially had you doing recon in a brand new area of the city. Sure, testing out Billie Lurk's abilities is a fun time, but you could very easily end up in over your head and swarmed by guards.

The demo mission was also longer than the 20 minutes that staffers would let you play for, which was even more disappointing.

Dishonored 2: Death Of The Outsider At PAX West

The gameplay was similar to the standard Dishonored gameplay, with a few differences as you're controlling Billie Lurk this time around. But the game should feel very familiar. As for the story, I can't say I was able to piece together a whole lot of it, but what I did see was promising.

All of the little touches Arkane Studios normally put into their games are there. You can read private correspondence, piece together small pieces of lore from posters, and even eavesdrop on pertinent conversations to expand your knowledge of the world.

Or you can power through and try to murder the Outsider. He's only a sentient whale and symbol for eco-conscienceness and global warming. But yeah, go try to kill the guy. You do you.

I'll just be over here with my whale activism. It's cool.

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