Dodgebomb Officially Launches in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The next event for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is going to have you running like hell and exploring your favorite run-down homes. Dodgebomb is a new event where there will be three 10-person teams that will be thrown randomly into Erangel armed with only a few select items. Those items are 20 frag grenades, a Molotov, level three gear, and a frying pan. This is a War Mode event, which means respawns happen every 30 seconds, but the main playing point of the game is that there are only deaths, no knock-downs, so once you're dead you are out and can't be saved.

We have the full schedule and rules for you below, best of luck to you all!

Dodgebomb Officially Launches in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
credit//PUBG Corp.

STARTS: Aug 9, 7pm PST / Aug 10, 4am CEST / Aug 10 11am KST
ENDS: Aug 12, 7pm PST / Aug 13, 4am CEST / Aug 13 11am KST


10-man squads on Erangel

  • Dodgebomb is a War Mode event.
  • 30 Players across 3 teams on Erangel.
  • Players spawn with 20 frag grenades, a molotov, lvl 3 armor, and a frying pan.
  • Knock-downs are disabled. When you take lethal damage, you die instantly.
  • Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds.
  • Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points.
  • If no team reaches 100 points before the time limit, the team with the most points wins.
  • 10-person squads only. Auto-matching on.
  • No weapons or vehicles spawn in the world.
  • Weather is Sunny
  • Red zones are disabled
  • Killer spectating is disabled
  • Care packages are disabled
  • Friendly fire is disabled

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