You Could Own Elvis Presley's Private Jet In All Its Red Velvet Shag Carpeted Glory

Elvis Presley's Private Jet

I happen to know someone that this 1962 Lockheeed Jetstar would be pretty perfect for, although he has temporary use of another jet at the moment.  That aside, I'm a complete sucker for an unusual auction, and this one fits that bill just fine, in all its Elvis-pedigreed, red-crushed-velvet glory.  One can almost overlook the fact that it has no engines.  Part of the historical charm of owning such a storied aircraft, perhaps, though one can scarcely imagine what The King might have done with his jet engines. Yet another Roswell, New Mexico mystery, it seems.

The bidding stands at $126,000 as of this posting, and with a pre-auction estimate of $2,000,000 to $3,500,000, and no minimum, someone might fly away with a bargain here.

UPDATE: The auction for Elvis Presley's private jet closed at $430,000 yesterday. Someone did indeed get a bargain, it appears.

Elvis Presley's Personally Owned Private 1962 Lockheed Jetstar Jet *Custom Made to Elvis's Specifications* W/Copies of All Papers BEING SOLD WITHOUT RESERVE (AS SEEN ON TV)- This jet was personally designed and ordered by Elvis Presley. This is the "Lost" jet he owned with his father, Vernon Presley. It is still in its original condition, and has been privately owned for over 35 years. The jet has been featured on TV with National Geographic, and has been a huge tourist attraction at the in Roswell, NM. The interior was custom designed to Elvis' specifications. Down to the gold-tone, woodwork, inlay and red velvet seats and red shag carpet. This jet has the potential of being fully restored, and placed on exhibit for the world to come see. It could potentially earn its new owner millions of dollars in exhibit, or entry fees as an attraction. This jet was very important to Elvis as he owned it with his beloved father Vernon. The jet that will be up for auction is one of only 204 aircraft manufactured between 1957 and 1978 in a private project between Jetstar and Lockheed. This aircraft has never been restored and features original external painting and detailing, as well as original interior. The jet is the only airplane once belonging to Elvis that is still owned privately, as the only other two in existence are owned by The Elvis Presley Museum. Please note: The plane has no engines, and the cockpit has not been restored.

Elvis Presley's Private Jet - Velvet Interior


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