So Far, Lineage II: Revolution Has Lived Up To Expectations

So Far, Lineage II: Revolution Has Lived Up To Expectations


Based on what little of the game I've been able to play around all of the other games I've been sinking my time into, I've found Lineage II: Revolution to be exactly what I expected. Any mobile game is going to feature micro-transactions. That's just the way free-to-play mobile titles work. And given that Netmarble and NCSOFT are the ones behind the scenes, there was no way this game was going to be an exception.

Despite the baseline annoyance I feel at every game with micro-transaction structures that involve loot boxes thanks to all of the recent complaints, I don't really have anything negative to say about Lineage so far, and that is somewhat surprising for me. The game had a lot to live up to, after all. The game's aggressive launch strategy included TV spots with Conan O'Brien after all, but I can see why the game got so much press at TwitchCon this year.

While I don't exactly like that the game gives you four playable races with set genders (I just want to be a badass lady dark elf okay?), and the limited customization options for character appearance are kind of disappointing, the game-play is fun as all hell.

You've got MOBA-like actions, a basic attack and several specials, which work off a set of buttons on the side of the screen. There's an auto-battle feature that will run quests for you and you don't have to lift a finger.

The game's story is a mite overblown at the start in the same way most MMOs are. A whole lot of epic dialogue and cutscenes that amount to the quest equivalent of killing rats in a basement. You pretty quickly level out of that, but it is always amusing to see how little RPG format has changed over the years.

You get pretty decent loot drops, so you don't need to buy them. So players can pretty easily play for free. At least, early on. I still have a ton of game to play before I can say for certain.

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