Fighting With Mechs in Space with Konami's Zone of the Enders

The second game we got to see from Komani last week at E3 was a space mech fighter called Zone of the Enders. The game was pretty interesting as we were given a scenario where a main enemy was commanding a ton of smaller enemies, to which you could use a specific weapon and chain all of your attacks to take them out quickly. For a minute, it kind of felt like I was doing nothing spectacular beyond hitting a specific button 40 times in a row, but the animations that went with it were fin to watch as you slashed through smaller fighters with ease. Then you take on the bigger guy and vanquish him before following the arrows to your next target.


It wasn't until I got inside a ship that things became challenging as I now had an AI with a strategy who did not like me or like what I was trying to do, and offered counter attacks that flew in the face of what I was trying to pull off. The game was fun for what it was worth in the demo, but it has a bit more work to go if it wants to be something that doesn't feel like a cross between Gundam and Dynasty Warriors.


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