Final Fantasy XIV's Genji Armor And Omega Savage Details Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV's Genji Armor And Omega Savage Details Revealed

This weekend, Square Enix hosted Final Fantasy XIV's 37th Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, starring Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida,  Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi and Art Director Hiroshi Minagawa as they shared new information and answered questions from the game's fans.

Since there have been complaints about the lack of strength built in to new tank gear, which prompted some to equip accessories from before the expansion, the dev team is adding a minimum amount of strength to newer tank accessories. The stat won't scale the same as vitality in upcoming higher item level gear. One of the things many tanks used to do, before Stormblood, was equip a piece of right-side accessories gear meant for a strength based DPS job like Dragoon or Monk to get boosted stats. But all of the high-level Stormblood accessories are job-specific, meaning that tanks could no longer get some increased strength stats by using a strength boost ring. While this measure does add some of that lost strength back to tanks, it does indicate that the dev team really don't want tanks to put up a lot of damage. Which is sad news for me with my Warrior main, but I'll just have to survive, I suppose.

The team has held back a little the new Tenacity stat because it can be very powerful, and otherwise players would focus entirely on it to the detriment of other necessary tank stats. Yet, they're confident that its effect will be felt with the implementation of the Savage Omega: Deltascape raid, that will be coming in Patch 4.05.

Some more changes will be made to tanks. The casting time of Paladins' Holy Spirit will be adjusted (read: nerfed) while the Oath Gauge loss when changing oaths will be removed. Warrior's Shake It Off will also be adjusted after version 4.05. The lost in Beast Gauge when changing stance will also be removed, and the potency of Storm's Path will be improved. Dark Knights will also get their combo damage increased. Which is fantastic news for just about all tanks, the Holy Spirit nerf is going to be a bit sad, but it does make sense for game balance. I could actually live without the changes to the Warrior's beast gauge, because really, getting to 10 stacks of it was a nice enough boost. But now my ability to randomly Fell Cleave 6 times in a row while MTing will be easier, so yeah, I'm going to take it.

Between the combo damage increases and strength stat news, in addition to the last patch's tanking tweaks, these changes address just about every gripe tanks have had since Stormblood dropped in June.

There are no plans to increase the number of role actions that players can slot, which is sad news, however discrepancies in DPS between different jobs due to discrepancies in difficulty will be lowered. Dragoons will be adjusted to focus on the uniqueness of the job. The devs really love Dragoons, so this isn't much of a surprise.

The team is considering changes to Scholar and Astrologian so that two healers of the same job can see each other's aetherflow status and cards. This will come with version 4.1. This could definitely be helpful for both, as neither are able to stack abilities the way two White Mages can.

Adjustments will be made to healer classes in 4.05 as follows:


  • The introduction of "Miasma II" as a job specific skill.
  • Changed the cooldown of Emergency Tactics to 20 seconds.
  • Indomitability [stay tuned]
  • Strengthening Excogitation.
  • Changed the range of Fey Union to 15 malms.
  • Aetherpact has been changed to increase Faerie Gauge even when Aetherflow actions does not inflict an effect on the target.
  • Introduction of a trait reducing the cooldown of Aetherflow.


  • Arcana and Royal Road cards can now be discarded via an action.

White Mage

  • Adjustments to the rate of which Healing Lilies are granted.
  • Plenary Indulgence will see some major adjustments.

DPS classes will also get a few changes:

Black mage

  • MP is being adjusted to avoid loss during skill rotation
  • MP cost for Foul has been removed.
  • Recast time for Triplecast has been reduced from 90 to 60 seconds.
  • Recast time for Fire IV and Blizzard IV has been reduced from 3 to 2.8 seconds.


  • Potency for Gust Slash will be reduced. The reason for this is because the players found a stronger skill rotation than those the dev. team was using while making adjustments.


  • Hot Shot
    • Increased physical damage effect from 5% to 8%.
    • Increase to Heat Gauge reduced from 10 to 5.
  • emoved the Heat Gauge reduction effect from Quick Reload.
  • Increased Rook Overload potency from 400 to 800.
  • Increased Bishop Overload potency from 300 to 600.
  • And more.

Summoners will get the ability to change the size of Demi-Bahamut, but it won't come in time for 4.05 and will instead get this feature in a newer update.

The team is considering adjustments to sprint, since the increased cooldown is inconvenient as players run between NPCs to perform quests.

An alliance raid roulette will come in patch 4.1, and alliance raids will be matched across worlds as well. The team is also adjusting Labyrinth of the Ancients so that it will only require one tank.

The team is also considering changes to how Frontline works, including having the featured game mode switch once a week.

The team is considering how to bring players back to the areas where they fought the last boss of Stormblood during the main scenario questline. There are also many requests to have areas like that or the Archbishop's room available outside of quests, and this is being considered.

Omega: Deltascape Savage will have gear inside a chest at the end of each version, and everyone will obtain tokens. Version 4.0 will drop a weapon in the chest that can be exchanged for a weapon corresponding to their current job. All drops will be limited to once a week.

The upcoming Omega: Deltascape Savage gear will indeed look like the recurring Genji gear that you can find across several Final Fantasy games.

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