Final Fantasy's Sephiroth Comes To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

During The Game Awards 2020, Nintendo Revealed Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The character was a total surprise out of the blue with a stunning trailer that showed Mario nearly getting hit with The Masamune, which is a phrase I never thought I'd be writing when it came to video games in my lifetime. Followed by an epic battle with Cloud, who is already in the game, as these two get to lock horns in another video game franchise when you pit them against each other. A lot of people freaked out on social media when they saw all this as one of the franchises most popular villains is now going to be a part of the Smash series.

The one-winged angel has come to Smash, and smash hard. Courtesy of Nintendo.
The one-winged angel has come to Smash, and smash hard. Courtesy of Nintendo.

That's the good news. The bad news is that we have no idea what any of his moves are or what he can do or when he'll be released into the game. We're guessing somewhere in the short future, we'll be getting one of those lengthy videos from Masahiro Sakurai talking to us about the character in which he will show us everything he can do in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But unless Nintendo has a surprise Direct livestream on the way in the next week or so, we're guessing those details won't be coming out until January 2021 so they're after the holidays. In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer below and dream about what else may be coming, as we're sure he'll be getting a new stage with some new music. Not to mention a chance for Square Enix and Nintendo to come together for some extra additions to the game for spirits and other fun references.

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