Unboxing The Funko Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Collectors Corps Box

Unboxing The Funko Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Collectors Corps Box

These Funko boxes just keep on coming, don't they? The last Spider-man related box was not too bad, but with all the excitement surrounding Homecoming, hitting theaters July 7, this box is easily one of the more annticiapted ones they have done this year. Does it live up to the hype? Watch the unboxing here and we will dive into everything after.

So there you have it! Pretty good this time out, lets look at everything a little closer.

Unboxing The Funko Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Collectors Corps BoxAfter a few boring patches and pins, these are a refreshing change. I love how the patch extends out of the borders of the patch itself, nice job there. The pin just would not show up on camera, and this is the best pic I can get of it, but the blue really pops in person. Great job on both of these.

Unboxing The Funko Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Collectors Corps Box

Also included is a Funko Pop cover of Peter Parker: Spider-Man #1 that actually hits stores this Wednesday. I like the shot of Vulture looking down on Peter, a very ominous sign perhaps?

Unboxing The Funko Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Collectors Corps Box

I have railed against how many black t-shirt we get in these things, and I am happy to report that this one is the best shirt they have ever done. This is the shirt Peter is wearing in the film, and also the one he is wearing in all of the Funko versions of Peter as well. It is pretty soft, and is the perfect shirt to wear to the film the first time you see it.

Even the Mystery Minis are cool. Just like in the Ant-Man box, there are two of the four of these in each box. It is random, so you will either end up with Vulture, Shocker, Spidey, or Homemade suit Spidey. I got one of the ones I would have wanted, and the Shocker. Homemade Suit Spidey is a great look, as I said in the video, I really like it and am trying to get as many versions as I can get my hands on. While the figure itself is well-done, I hate the look of the Shocker. Just terrible, I am quite unhappy with the changes there. Usually it does not bother me, but Shocker is a favorite of mine, so this one is a complete disappointment.

As always, we save the Pop for last. They had shown this was coming already, but up close it is a much cooler Pop than pictures can show. The wings are right where the eyes go, and they are sculpted beautifully. The whole figure has a great texture to it, and the way they convey it visually is pretty impressive. They really nailed the eyes as well, they are very expressive and big. All around this is a Pop that needs to be owned.

This was a very strong box overall, one of the better ones in a bit. The next one has one of the more interesting themes they have done in awhile, First Appearance of the Avengers. If they go through Avengers history like they did with the Superman box earlier this year, we are in for a treat. Don't forget to sign up and get that box right now at Collectors Corps website.

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