Saga's Ghüs Plushie Gets A Special SDCC Fashion Show

Marilyn Weiss writes for Bleeding Cool:

Everyone's favorite seal-man has finally got his own plushie! That's right, Saga's Ghüs is available as an SDCC exclusive plushie from Skybound!

The little guy stands at about 12 inches tall and is just as cuddly as I imagined Ghüs should be. His fur is incredibly soft and his feet have a flat hard base that makes it easy for him to stand up on his own. Best of all, Ghüs comes with three adorable costumes. Sadly, his battle axe was not included.

I was lucky enough to pick one up and I immediately knew what I had to do; it was time for a Ghüs fashion show.

Saga's Ghüs Plushie Gets A Special SDCC Fashion Show

First up, out of the bag Ghüs comes dressed in his red flannel pajamas. He's ready to take on any foe who comes his way, even if he's still a little sleepy.

Saga's Ghüs Plushie Gets A Special SDCC Fashion Show

Next up is Ghüs's signature overall ensemble: his yellow overalls and boots. This was by far the most difficult of his outfits to put on. His tiny arms aren't the best at supporting the straps on his slick overalls, but they pretty much stay put anyway. The tough part ended up being his boots. Because of the hard base on his feet, the boots take a little extra work to secure. But the end result was well worth the effort.


Last up is Ghüs's blue sweater and yellow hat combo. The sweater fits nicely and is easy to put on, but the hat is a different story. It doesn't quite fit on his head, so I just sat it carefully on top. Despite its ill fit, this was by far my favorite of the outfits.

He may very well end up being my favorite purchase at SDCC.

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