Halo Wars 2 Now Has An Underwhelming Demo For The Underwhelming Game


If you've been sitting there looking at your Xbox One and wondering why you've bought it, well, Halo Wars 2 now has a demo for you. Get some use out of that expensive paperweight. The demo is also available on PC for Windows, because it's a Microsoft property.

The demo comprises of the game's opening mission which has you controlling a large-scale battle, and the game's Blitz Firefight cardgame. Because everyone loves a good virtual card game. All the fun of flipping cards with none of the effort. Which I guess saves your wrists from the low-risk of TCG-induced carpal tunnel?

The saddest thing about this demo will be that it hinges on the worst aspects of Halo Wars 2.  The second RTS in the Halo franchise has perhaps the most underwhelming gameplay with pointlessly finicky controls and a dumb card-game addition that is in no way fun. It's nothing more than a re-skinned Halo Wars with a weird add-on game mode when you consider what it's like to just play the thing. The real selling point to Halo Wars 2 is the game's story. And you won't get much of that out of the demo.

But sure, if you want a reminder of why you bothered to get an Xbox over a PS4 back in the day, here's an exclusive title for you from one of the best-selling Xbox-only franchises. It could be worse. It could be much worse.

There's just nothing new with Halo Wars 2. And that's really it's problem. The story could have been a book in the Halo expanded universe. It probably would have worked better that way.

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