How To Grind XP & Reach Level 40 In Pokémon GO

Most Pokémon GO trainers set out with the obvious goal: catch 'em all. However, there's also another major goal in the game that many will grind in order to hit, as it offers not only a badge of honor but also in-game usefulness. This goal is, of course, hitting Level 40. This allows trainers to power Pokémon up to their highest level, which is incredibly useful for players hoping to complete raid battles with small parties. There are many ways that trainers can grind XP in both active and passive ways in order to hit the coveted Level 40, and Bleeding Cool is here to help with this Pokémon GO XP guide.

A Lucky Egg, an item that can double XP and get trainers to Level 40 quicker in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
A Lucky Egg, an item that can double XP and get trainers to Level 40 quicker in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Take Advantage of Pokémon GO XP Events

The generic advice that most players will know is to play the game as much as possible, use Lucky Eggs while playing for double XP, and catch a lot of Pokémon. However, if a player is working with a budget and has a limited supply of Lucky Eggs, it is important to know that some times are better than others to use them. Pay attention to Niantic's events for Pokémon GO, because increased XP is often a feature of Community Days, weeklong events, and Spotlight Hours. Those are the best times to activate a Lucky Egg, because then you'll be multiplying the possible XP beyond just the standard doube.

Evolution XP is a great passive grind

If you can't get out there and grind, a useful passive grind is evolution XP. It's not hard to get thousands of Candies for common spawns such as Ratatta and Pidgey that you'll never use. Evolving up the Pokémon you catch before transferring them can offer a huge boost in XP when done in massive quantities habitually.

Friends help friends

The most lucrative way to grind XP is by leveling up with friends. Going Best Friends with someone offers 100,000 XP… but if you coordinate with that friend and wait to open the final Gift until you both have on a Lucky Egg, that's a whopping 200,000 XP. This way makes it much easier to get to Level 40 than when the game first game out and, as a trainer can have 200 friends, the amount of XP this feature can bring in is major.

Happy grinding, Pokémon trainers!

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