Jake and Logan Paul Attempt to Join Fortnite, and It Does Not Go Well

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Brothers Jake and Logan Paul started up a Twitch channel and attempted to get in on the fun of Epic Games' Fortnite. As anyone with a brain could have predicted, it did not go well. The Paul brothers aren't known as gamers, but contentious YouTube vloggers. But the lure of Fortnite is strong — even Drake has gotten in on the fun, appearing alongside noted Fortnite streamer Ninja.

Now, both Paul brothers are no stranger to controversy, and sometimes seem to intentionally court it. That whole filming a suicide victim in Aokigahara thing comes to mind as a great example. Logan Paul's many, many social and moral faux pas even led to a change in YouTube's policies. So of course they wanted to get in on the fun and cash in on the increased platform by moving to Twitch and joining the ranks of Fortnite players. It is, after all, the most-watched game on Twitch right now.

The brothers announced their move in a series of vlogs, which you can find on YouTube.

And naturally, many Fortnite players have not reacted well to the idea of Logan and Jake Paul joining their ranks. The brothers even managed to make an enemy of Ninja by using him in one of their videos.

Then there are those who have taken the Paul's entry into Fortnite's arena as a perfect opportunity to stalk the brothers and take them out in a match — which is admittedly a bit amusing.

As Kotaku reports:

Such blatant bandwagoning has people worried that the Pauls' toxicity is going to drag down the Fortnite community, if not Twitch as a platform. When you search "Logan Paul Fortnite" on twitter, you see streamers asking Twitch to "carefully think" about whether to allow Logan Paul on the platform. One streamer went so far as to call Twitch "tainted." It's true that Logan's channel is already both incredibly popular and has one of the worst chats imaginable, full of Trihard emotes, sketchy "free V-bucks" links and sometimes drawings of penises. While Logan Paul isn't specifically breaking the rules here, the activity in his chat is definitely against Twitch's Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, sexual content and discrimination and harassment based on race. Historically, Twitch has been pro-active about banning controversial streamers who break their terms of service.

Twitch is much more restrictive over the actions of streamers, especially those who violate their community guidelines. It is likely the Pauls' foray into Twitch will be mercifully brief.

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