Inhumans' Lockjaw Is The Most Adorable Funko Pop Ever, Sorry All Past And Future Pops

Lockjaw is awesome. Lockjaw will be the star of the upcoming Inhumans show on ABC (even if the show is terrible, which it might be). Lockjaw is universally loved – if there is a person alive who doesn't like Lockjaw, I do not want to ever meet this person. And now, we have a Funko Pop of Lockjaw, released in celebration of the show's debut next month. Why they waited for so long I do not know, for if this cuteness could have been in the world sooner… well, shame on Funko for depriving us of it.

Look at that face!!!! With his little tongue sticking out! And his cool forehead fork! And his giant head! I mean, come on. How could you possibly have anything negative to say about this little guy! My only complaint is that the red paint from his tongue ran off a little bit, but I can fix that pretty easily.

There are four other Pops in this Inhumans wave: Medusa, who is a Hot Topic exclusive, Black Bolt, who has been released through comic shops before, and Maximus, who I also saw in the store today. I think. Once I saw Lockjaw I freaked out and ran to the register and forgot everything else around me.

While Lockjaw is a general release he is going to go away pretty quickly. The store where I picked up mine they had been open eight a half hours before I got there, and I got one of the last two left. This is going to be one of those Pops that people will buy even if they do not care at all about Marvel or the Inhumans because he is just adorable. If you do not want to risk it, and you shouldn't if you want this at all, go here and order one so you do not miss out.

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