Magizoology Wizarding Weekend In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Following an announcement that detailed events for Harry Potters: Wizards Unite all through the month of September, Niantic has given more details about the month's Wizarding Weekend, kicking off at the end of this week. This Wizarding Weekend, taking place from Friday, September 4 at 11AM Pacific through Monday, September 7 at 11AM Pacific will focus on Magizoology Foundables. Fans of the Fantastic Beasts films will be pleased to see the lead character Newt Scamander as a major feature of this weekend. The three-day event will also include a Special Assignment that will unlock rewards given for returning certain Foundables featured during this Wizarding Weekend. Read on below to optimize your search for these Magizoology Foundables.

Magizoology Wizarding Weekend in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
Magizoology Wizarding Weekend in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

In their announcement, Niantic advised Harry Potters: Wizards Unite players to keep an eye out for increased sightings of certain Foundables, including:

  • The Billywig
  • Branch of Bowtruckles
  • Occamy Eggs
  • Unicorn
  • Newt Scamander

These Foundables will be featured on the game's Map as well as from Tonic for Trace Detection. That isn't all that this Harry Potters: Wizards Unite Wizarding Weekend will feature, though. There will be Special Assignments for players hunting for Foundables. These Special Assignments will reward players with Potions, Spell Books, Runestones, Spell Energy, and a Silver Key. These rewards will all be unlocked by returning Magizoology Foundables.

In addition to all of this, Harry Potters: Wizards Unite players will have a chance to receive a Magizoology Runestone after returning event Traces during this Magizoology Wizarding Weekend.

This is Harry Potters: Wizards Unite's first event of a busy September, which will feature the monthly Community Day event as well as a two-part Brilliant Event focusing on the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, which will include Brilliant Foundables. Players can read the full details on Niantic's month of events planned for their Harry Potter mobile game here.

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