Microsoft Renews Trademark On Scalebound, Despite Cancelling It Back In January


Microsoft today renewed their trademark on the title "Scalebound" despite cancelling the game back in January, as well as removing any previous mention of it from Microsoft's many web outlets. The trademark renewal was spotted by Twitter user y2konya, even though Microsoft were in no danger of losing their trademark registration.

Naturally that sparked some speculation that Microsoft is working on the game again with a new development team now that they've kicked Platinum Games out of the running. More likely though, is that this is just a way for Microsoft to control the branding. While they may act embarrassed of Scalebound these days, it's a pretty well known title, and Microsoft likely just want to prevent other companies from beginning a project under that name once Microsoft's trademark expired. Or maybe they're holding on to the trademark to use it with a future game.

With all trademark registrations, the reasons for filing are pretty much endless. So it's best not to speculate too hard as to why Microsoft made the move. We'll just have to wait it out and see if we get a new Scalebound in a year or two.

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