Minecraft Still Reigns Supreme as Microsoft Say 91 Million Users Still Play Each Month

According to a number revealed by Microsoft, Minecraft still remains a video game powerhouse with 91 million players each month, surpassing even Fortnite.


You can't get away from Fortnite right now. It's not too wild to suggest that the game is possibly the biggest and most influential entertainment property right now. From sports star celebrations to school halls, Epic's smash hit is impossible to avoid. From the buzz and zeitgeist, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the game had even surpassed the once insurmountable Minecraft. However, you'd be wrong there.

Microsoft has revealed that, by their numbers, Minecraft is still comfortably ahead of Fortnite in terms of player base. It was recently revealed that Fortnite has 78 million active users a month, but at Minecon 2018 (via Windows Central), Microsoft revealed that Minecraft still boasts a 91 million active player base. This number is incredible, especially considering the game isn't free like Fortnite. That being said, it's worth noting that the game has a free-to-play version in China and we don't have a breakdown of the audiences by region with the figure.

The staying power of Minecraft is truly incredible and I think it is fair to wonder if any other game will come close to it any time soon. Fortnite is a phenomenon, but I even wonder if it could outlast Minecraft. It's cool to see a game can remain doing so well for so long, and it's clear, while some wondered if Minecraft's heyday had passed back in 2014 when Microsoft bought it $2.5 billion, it's clear that investment is still paying off for the company.