Mr Bean gets A Funko Pop, And One Of The Most Ridiculous Chases Ever

Mr Bean is something I do not get. I will probably catch flack for this, but I don't find the character funny in the slightest. So these do nothing for me. But I am sure there are plenty of you guys and gals out there who will be happy to add this to your collections.

Funko Pop Mr Bean

Funko is excited to announce the British icon Mr Bean is coming to Pop!

He's a man of few words but don't let that fool you,
Mr Bean is full of unusual yet brilliant schemes.

The hilarious Mr Bean can now be your favorite collectable!
With this best friend Teddy and wearing his
signature tweed jacket and skinny red tie.

Look for the chase piece, Mr Bean with a
Christmas turkey on his head!
A rarity of 1-in-6!

That head on the chase is ridiculous. There is no way they will be ab;e to quality control that to the point where they all stand outside the box. I do think that it is an incredible sight however. As stated above: I do not partake in Mr Bean, so I have no idea what that could possibly be a reference to. But it may be the weirdest Pop they have ever put out. The regular release has a great sculpt as well. Rowan Atkinson looks good as a Pop. Weirdly for most people, I know him more from the criminally underrated film Rat Race than Mr Bean. Maybe someday I can get Pops from that film.

Mr Bean will be a popular get when he hits shelves in January.  As always, and because of the uniqueness, the chase will be hard to come by. Save yourself the trouble. Order two from a online retailer and you may end up with both. Like this one.


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