Neverwinter Announces New Expansion With Dragonbone Vale

Perfect World Entertainment has announced a new expansion for the D&D MMPROG title Neverwinter with the reveal of Dragonbone Vale. This particular expansion will be taking your adventure back to the Sword Coast as players will drop into the Valindra Shadowmantle and deal with the Cult Of The Dragon, who are hard at work trying to bring dead dragons back across Faerûn and beyond. The expansion will add in a new campaign, a new adventure zone, a new mechanic for hook traversal, a new 10-player trial featuring the grand return of Valindra, new heroic encounters, an Enchantment and Refinement overhaul that some might say is a bit overdue, and more to come. You can read about the campaign below along with a trailer for the announcement, as it will arrive for PC on February 8th and for consoles on March 8th.

Neverwinter Announces New Expansion With Dragonbone Vale
Credit: Perfect World Entertainment

In Dragonbone Vale, the evil moon elf lich Valindra Shadowmantle has returned to threaten the Sword Coast alongside the Cult of the Dragon, who have gathered in the Sword Mountains as they plan to invoke the Rite of the Dracolich to bring undeath to dragons across Faerûn and beyond. To make it to the Scaleblight Summit and stop the Cult of the Dragon once and for all, adventurers, alongside the Heroes of Neverwinter and allied forces, will need to make their way through the four distinct neighborhoods of the Sword Mountains.

For the first time ever in Neverwinter, players will be able to zip around specific, designated areas of the Dragonbone Vale adventure zone with a new grappling hook, making exploration even faster and more epic than ever before. At the beginning of the module's campaign, players will be given this tool to equip and explore all the areas the zone has to offer, with select areas offering story events and rewards. Players who are looking for a deadly challenge can take on Valindra and the bronze dracolich, Palhavorithyn, in a new 10-player trial, The Crown of Keldegonn, and complete new heroic encounters to earn various rewards. Additionally, this module will include an Enchantment and Refinement overhaul that will bring new quality of life improvements and all-new enchantments.

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