New Datamine Discovers Sylveon & Goodra Added To Pokémon GO

One of the most anticipated releases in Pokémon GO history could be right around the corner. When Niantic began their rollout of the sixth generation of Pokémon in December 2020 with a small wave of Kalos-region species, many began to speculate over how long it would take to release the final remaining evolution of Eevee… the Fairy-type Sylveon. Now, along with a host of other Kalos Pokémon, Niantic has added Sylveon to the code. When, exactly, will it release in the game, though?

Sylveon & Goodra official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International
Sylveon & Goodra official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International

Two of the most prominent new Kalos species discovered in the Pokémon GO code by the dataminers known as the Pokéminers are Sylveon and Goodra, a Dragon-type Pokémon. Goodra is a pure Dragon-type "pseudo-Legendary" Pokémon (think Dragonite) who is the ultimate evolution of Goomy. While we can hardly begin to guess at release dates for the huge number of new species added to the code, we have clues that point toward imminent releases for Sylveon and Goodra specifically.

  • Sylveon release: In the original games, Eevee evolved into Sylveon with Affection in earlier generations and with high Friendship in Generation Eight. Ever since Niantic introduced Buddy Adventure, players have speculated as to whether this system will be the means through which Eevee will be able to evolve into Sylveon in Pokémon GO. I think it's a good bet and I have been working on going Best Friends with my 100% IV Eevee recently, with the goal of preparing it for the eventuality of Sylveon. While that is not confirmed, there is an event coming up that would make for the perfect Sylveon release: Friendship Day, happening Saturday, April 24th.
  • Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra release: Pokémon GO's April 2021 event schedule ends with a "snappy" event that has not yet been officially announced. However, we have good reason to believe that this is the Pokémon SNAP tie-in event that was found in the code. I'll admit, this is a bit more of a stretch, but the event has a bit of research tasking trainers to take a snapshot of a wild Dragon-type Pokémon. Could it be the release of the Goomy line?

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