No One Liked Bastion's Buff So The Overwatch Team Is Rolling It Back


Overwatch, which has now won Game of the Year twice, recently got a few changes to game modes, a new character, and some buffing/de-buffing. Well, one of those buffs was to Bastion. The buff went into effect earlier this week and players were not fond of the changes.

In fact, players were so vocal about their dislike for the changes that just two hours ago the game's director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums to tell everyone the buff would be scaled back to make the murder-bot a bit less OP.


Kaplan's statement reads, in part, "Back when I was working on World of Warcraft, I used to say that if we mailed 500 gold to every player, the community would find some way to be upset about it… because change is bad.

"With that said, we'll make some changes to Bastion and put them up on the PTR this morning. We'd love to hear your feedback about those changes when they go up. I don't have details right now because we're still making the changes!"

You can read up on the rest of his thoughts about game meta and Bastion on the forums. In short, he agrees that Bastion's current buff makes the character too powerful in comparison to the rest of the Overwatch cast. He just disagrees as to the degree of the over-balance. "In particular, in one match I was playing Bastion and the enemy Tracer was trying to hunt me down. The Tracer player was clearly a better player than I am — a very skilled individual. I relied heavily on my self-heal and the Tracer could not finish me off. But I was able to kill Tracer in recon mode almost through attrition. This part felt wrong to me. But a lot of the feedback I read feels wildly blown out of proportion."

In other Overwatch news, there's a new games browser mode, PS4 players have lost Capture the Flag, and our new character is Orisa. Sadly, not Doomfist. Overwatch has now won Game of the Year at DICE and at the GDC Awards.

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