The Official FFXV: Episode Gladiolus Trailer Has Landed


To celebrate the end of PAX East in Boston, Square Enix released the official trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus. While we'd seen some of the gameplay from the game's first DLC, the official trailer is a little bit cleaner, a whole lot shorter, and hits the main plot points of the expansion.

In Episode Gladiolus we finally get an explanation for where Gladio went off to when he casually leaves the party with little explanation. Turns out, he went to Cor Leonis for help getting "more power," and Cor's solution was to fight Gilgamesh.

Rather than having multiple arms or being a brightly-colored clown followed around by a green chicken, FFXV's Gilgamesh is a masked, one-armed blademaster. The DLC focuses on Cor and Gladio delving into a set of ruins to face the Trial of Gilgamesh. A trial none but Cor have returned from, though the Immortal says he also failed the trial to become the King's Shield.

Gameplay wise, the DLC shows off a bunch of individual boss battles that you face alone, in between tearing apart trash mobs.

While I found it fun to play through the first part of Episode Gladio, if the game ends up being just more of what we've seen, it's going to become tedious very fast. And we aren't exactly sure how long the DLC is, with reports ranging from 1 to 3 hours.

The official trailer doesn't give us much new, other than showing off clips of different boss battles and environments on Gladio's quest to taking down Gilgamesh. So, worth a watch if you want a sneak peak into even more of the bosses you'll face in the DLC which is slated to hit on March 28th alongside the free update to Chapter 13.

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