Overwatch Will Nerf Sombra Again in the Next Patch

It looks like the devs at Overwatch have moved on from nerfing Mercy all the time to now nerfing Sombra all the time. After already being tweaked in the latest patch, Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman took to their forums to let fans know more changes would come in the next patch. The changes aren't going to break the character, but they'll definitely make some players reconsider how often they hack — the most important change is that you'll suffer a two-second cooldown if you're interrupted. We have the details for you below.

Overwatch Will Nerf Sombra Again in the Next Patch
  1. Any time Sombra's hack is interrupted by damage, hacking will go on cooldown for 2 seconds. With this change, Sombra will have to be more careful about choosing when and who to hack instead of just holding down the button and waiting for people to miss and/or reload etc.
  2. There is currently a 0.1s window of time at the end of the hack where it cannot be canceled via line of sight or other effects (such as Tracer's recall, Zarya bubbles, etc). This exists so it doesn't constantly get broken by very small line of sight blockers such as light posts and signs, etc. We are removing this window and instead now using multiple LOS checks to make sure the small LOS blockers are still not a problem. In addition to this, we're speeding up the update rate of her hacking so that it is more responsive in checking for these fail conditions. The combination of these things means it should be much more reasonable to respond to a hack targeting you.

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