Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Theories Part 1: Shiny Releases

Pokémon GO will host GO Fest 2021 from July 17th – July 18th this summer. We have been told very little about the event so far, so let's see if we can cook up some theories about what is to come in this blockbuster event. Remember, this is going to be taking place during Niantic's fifth anniversary with the franchise and the overall 25th anniversary of Pokémon as an IP. I believe we can expect some truly special releases. Here are my predictions for Shinies that we will see released during GO Fest 2021.

Unreleased Shinies in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Unreleased Shinies in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Older species: We always get a handful of Shiny releases during GO Fest, and it seems as if they break it up evenly between older and newer generations. I believe that we're going to see Niantic focus mostly on two-stage evolutionary lines as well as Pokémon that don't evolve. Species like Spheal and Starly will, I feel, be held back for possible future Community Days. As such, my first two guesses for species we'll see get their Shinies at GO Fest are the little baby blue Spinarak and the jaundiced Chimecho. (I kid — I love Shiny Chimecho.)
  • Regionals: Every GO Fest and even Safari Zone spotlights a regional and lets it spawn out of region. Last year, Pokémon GO took it a step further by featuring the pair of Heatmor and Durant and releasing their Shinies. I believe this will continue and that we will see the Shiny release of Corsola and Heracross. Why else remove the focus on regionals from the Ultra Bonus events for the last two years if Niantic didn't have bigger plans?
  • Newer species: I expect to see newer releases made Shiny as well. My main guesses would be Ducklett and Emolga, but I wouldn't be surprised if Niantic dipped into the new Kalos releases already for something even newer.
  • Raid species: Raids have been devastatingly boring for some time now, with no new additions to Tier One and Tier Three with the exception to the prohibitively rare Shiny Rowlett. I can see Niantic introducing a new raid/egg-only Shiny to Tier One during GO Fest to make raids exciting. Personally, I'm thinking Espurr.
  • Rare species: Finally, we arrive at the point many will likely disagree with. However, last year, we had Gible in the wild for GO Fest and in raids with its Shiny having been released a few months prior. It was one of the most exciting aspects of the day. Personally, I believe we will see the release of Shiny Axew with Axew featured as a rare spawn and in raids, with a continued Axew presence through a Dragon Week event soon after GO Fest. It's the anniversary year, after all. Why not expect big things?

We'd love to hear your predictions for GO Fest 2021's Shiny releases. Chime down in the comments section with which Pokémon you think will burst onto the scene with a shower of sparkles this summer.

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