Pokémon Go: May and June's Research will Spawn Latios, Latias, Lugia, and Ho-Oh

Pokemon Go: May and June's Research will Spawn Latios, Latias, Lugia, and Ho-Oh
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Niantic is making a few tweaks to Pokémon Go in the next few weeks to tweak research breakthrough rewards and eggs for the next couple of months.

As far as research breakthroughs go, Lugio, Ho-Oh, Latios, and Latias will all appear as breakthrough reward encounters from May 1 at 1pm PDT through the end of June. So if you need to increase your collection of legendary bird Pokémon, now is your chance to spam as many research goals as you can.

The egg tweaks mostly involve which Pokémon will hatch from eggs, and the changes will take effect a bit sooner, starting tomorrow.

From the Pokémon Go blog:


  • Different Pokémon will hatch from Eggs starting Apr. 26, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7)
  • Trainers can expect 2 km Eggs to hatch Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Bonsly, and many more.
  • Trainers can expect 5 km Eggs to hatch Cubone, Combee, Buizel, Glameow, Bronzor, Skorupi, Croagunk, and many more.
  • Trainers can expect 10 km Eggs to hatch Mawile, Absol, Shinx, Cranidos, Shieldon, Riolu, and many more.

So if your egg bag is full, you might want to bust out some additional incubators to take advantage of the egg tweak, as we're not sure how long these changes will be in effect.

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