Retired Footballer Diego Maradona Is Suing Konami


Retired Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona has filed a suit against Konami for using his likeness without permission in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Maradona took to his Facebook page to make a statement about pursuing legal action.

Maradona's own words in English (since that part gets cut off in the embed) read, "I heard yesterday that the Japanese company Konami uses my image for its game PES 2017. Unfortunately, my lawyer Matias Morla will initiate the corresponding legal actions. I hope this is not another scam…"

Reporting on the story, IGN's Seth G. Macy brought up Maradona's struggle with the Italian government over taxes, "The Italian government announced in 2009 Maradona owed the country €37 million in unpaid taxes, over half of which is interest incurred on the original amount."

Maradona's possible suit (as it does not appear he has filed yet) might pose a significant blow to Konami, as they've been struggling to get licenses for players and teams in order to properly compete with EA's FIFA. Speaking with reps from Konami back at E3 last year, they knew the ultimate failing of PES16 was its lack of licenses, a problem which has plagued the game since its inception. Konami were able to license a handful of teams as official partners for PES17, but it wasn't enough to take out EA's mainstay.

The company has seen an 8.5% drop in sales in the 2016 fiscal year according to their January 31st report. A suit from a prominent footballer, even one that settles out of court, is going to do some damage.

I've reached out to Konami for comment, they have yet to respond as of press time.

Maradona is currently the highest ranked player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 with a score of 98.

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