[RUMOR] BioWare to Reveal Dragon Age 4 This Week

Dragon Age

It seems the time has finally come for BioWare to discuss Dragon Age 4. A few days back, the developer teased that Dragon Age news would be coming this month, but a new report seems to indicate the reveal will happen this week.

As VentureBeat reports:

Dragon Age 4 — or whatever name it'll carry — is at least three years away, according to sources familiar with the studio. That timeline could change, but that is the current expectation at EA. BioWare and EA have not even settled on a name for the new Dragon Age — although that is something they could decide in preparation for a reveal at The Game Awards.

And this is not new for Dragon Age. The game has spent more than a year in limbo at EA.

We've reported on the veracity of Dragon Age 4 rumors time and time again.

As we've noted in the past, any prototype work on Dragon Age 4 was scrapped so the studio could work on Anthem, and those in control of BioWare were pretty specific in saying they wouldn't talk about Dragon Age until Anthem was finished. Since Anthem is releasing early next year, now is definitely the time for a possible reveal.

VentureBeat is pretty confident in their guess that the game will make it to Thursday night's Game Awards, which would give the studio a proper platform to address their fans and get them hyped for a game they've all been anxious for since the end of Inquisition's lifecycle.

Now, that isn't a direct confirmation the game will be there on Thursday, but it is a pretty solid guess. After all, The Game Awards will be hosting at least 10 new announcements and we only know of a few.

What we do know is that any announcement will be rather bare-bones. Some kind of short hype trailer, a title card, and maybe some remarks about the game's broad strokes. Since the original plans were scrapped a year back, the game is in its early stages, much like The Elder Scrolls VI was during its announcement at E3 this year.

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