Say Goodbye, Kyurem: Tonight Is Final Kyurem Raid Hour In Pokémon GO

The reign of dragons that began in December 2021 draws to its end. Tonight is the third and final Kyurem Raid Hour from the current raid rotation in Pokémon GO. Tonight, from 6 PM – 7 PM, Tier Five raids will be popping at most Gyms in the game with all of them featuring Kyurem, which can indeed be encountered in its Shiny form. If you have yet to catch a Shiny Kyurem, now is the time to gear up for this intense hour, power up your Metagross(es) with Meteor Mash, and raid, raid, raid.

Kyurem in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Kyurem in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Kyurem is set to leave raids on January 7th, 2022. Once this Ice/Dragon-type departs, Pokémon GO will host a rotating list of Legendaries and Mythicals all through January.

First up, we will see the Fire/Steel-type Legendary Pokémon Heatran take over Tier Five raids from Friday, January 7, 2022 until Saturday, January 15, 2022. This Sinnoh monster will be the subject of a Raid Hour on January 12th.

After Heatran, things get Mythical with Genesect which will debut its Shock Drive. Shock Drive Genesect will arrive in Tier Five raids from Saturday, January 15, 2022 until Monday, January 24, 2022. This Unova hitter will be the subject of a Raid Hour on January 19th.

Finally, Regice takes over Tier Five raids from Monday, January 24, 2022 until Tuesday, February 21, 2022. This Ice-type Hoenn titan will be the subject of a Raid Hour on January 26th.

In addition to these Tier Fivers, a new Mega-evolved Pokémon is set to arrive soon: Mega Aerodactyl. Mega Aerodactyl will swoop into Mega Raids on Friday, January 7th. It will stay for the rest of the month, leaving February 1st. It has not yet been announced what Mega will take over for this Rock/Flying-type Fossil Pokémon.

For Kyurem Raid Hour tonight, best of luck to all those still looking for the Shiny. Remember that if you miss it, you'll always get another shot.

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