Seven Knights 2 Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary

Netmarble revealed the full details of how they plan to celebrate the first anniversary of Seven Knights 2, which kicks off today. This new update brings in a special event along with login bonuses and a few other additions to the game to enter into Year 2, which includes a couple of new heroes to battle. You'll also see an Orb and Globe equipment upgrade that has been sorely needed for a lot of people to do more extortionary things. We got the full rundown from the team below.

Seven Knights 2 Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary
Credit: Netmarble

"Players can now experience two new playable heroes, including the Moon Slicing Yacha, Ace (Mythic), who has two forms along with a Unique Stat known as "Crimson Moon Swordsman," an upgradeable passive that unlocks upon leveling up the hero. Platin (Legendary+), a Universal hero, has the power to remove debuffs of allies with the power of light and prevent the recovery of enemy heroes through Recovery Reversal. In PvP, Platin specializes in disabling Support heroes and heroes with self-recovery. A new Orb/Globe Equipment update has been added featuring new types of accessories that can be crafted using a player's owned accessories and allows them to keep their effects. Players can use Orbs/Globes as an option to apply two 2-set effects when previously most Commanders could only apply one 3-set effect. Players can celebrate the game's 1st Anniversary with various in-game events and obtain special rewards (the most offered since launch), including:

  • Seven Knights 2 Special Check-in Event:  Celebrate the 1st Anniversary by logging into the game and receive up to 4 Legendary heroes, and 3 Legendary pets (for the very first time). A Summon Ticket Chest is also available (up to 10 tickets can be obtained).
  • Special Check-in Event for New and Returning Commanders: New players can acquire the Soulstone ACE (Legendary+) and even reach their Max level once a new player completes the 1st Anniversary Carnival Event as well. Returning players will receive rewards, including 4,000 Rubies and up to 100 chances for Summoning just by checking in.
  • 1st Anniversary Carnival Event: Players that complete the Carnival Event missions for seven days can acquire up to 3 Legendary+ Hero Selection Tickets. For new players, ACE (Legendary+) is guaranteed, along with a Legendary+ Equipment Set and up to 10,000 Rubies. Returning players will receive more than 50 chances to summon 6,000 Rubies and 2 Legendary Jewels.
  • Free Karin (Legendary) Hero and Costume: Once the special events are completed, Karin (Legendary) max-level hero and costume will be available.
  • Carnival Beginner Pass: A special pass to further celebrate the 1st Anniversary is available to players. Once all required missions are completed, players can get the Soulstone to grow Cosette (Legendary+) to her max level. This event will help beginners easily progress through the game."

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