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Seven Knights 2 Releases Last-Minute Holiday Update
Netmarble thas thrown together a last-minute update for Seven Knights 2 as the game officially received its holiday update We say last-minute because if you look at what they have to offer, it's pretty clear someone said, "we need something for Christmas," and put together a two-week event for players to jump into with bonuses[...]
Marvel Future Fight Releases X-Men Inspired "Destiny Of X" Update
Netmarble has released a new update this week for Seven Knights 2 that will give you a brand new character to play named Clemyth This new hero, which also goes by the nickname Steps of Atonement Clemyth, which is a Legendary+ and a legendary explorer, who also happens to be a technician that can buff[...]
Seven Knights 2 Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary
Netmarble revealed the full details of how they plan to celebrate the first anniversary of Seven Knights 2, which kicks off today This new update brings in a special event along with login bonuses and a few other additions to the game to enter into Year 2, which includes a couple of new heroes to[...]
Seven Knights 2 Reveals First Year Anniversary Plans
Netmarble dropped new details this week for the upcoming first anniversary plans coming to Seven Knights 2 For those of you who haven't been playing the game or are unfamiliar with it, Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after the original title with a focus on the Daybreak Mercenaries You will journey with them[...]
Seven Knights 2 Adds Three New Heroes In Latest Update
Netmarble has released a new update this week for Seven Knights 2, as the game is adding three new heroes for you to play with The heroes will add a little chaos to the game and present new challenges for you, along with a new scenario that you'll be able to test them out in[...]
Seven Knights 2
Netmarble has released a new global update into Seven Knights 2 as the game has added some brand new characters to the mix The two new characters are Abyssal Orochi Kagura and Gatekeeper of Purgatory Wolyeong, both of whom bring with them some interesting mechanics and changes to the way you can approach combat The[...]
Seven Knights 2 Throws In-Game Carnival To Celebrate Milestone
Netmarble has launched a new event into Seven Knights 2 as the game is holding a special carnival to celebrate a milestone The Carnival event has been set up to commemorate the 200th-day milestone since the game's launch, which is a rather weird thing to celebrate But hey, it's not our game, they can celebrate[...]
Seven Knights 2 Launces Special 77 Festival Event
Netmarble has launched a brand new event into Seven Knights 2 as players will be able to experience the 77 Festival for the next few weeks The festival is currently running right now and will go all the way until February 16th, serving as the largest event in the game to date Which isn't too[...]
Seven Knights 2 Receives Chapter 11 Update To Main Story
Netmarble has released a new update for their mobile RPG Seven Knights 2, as players have a chance to advance the main storyline The update is basically a top-to-bottom addition of new content that will bring about new avenues to explore in the latest chapter, as well as bring about new characters in the form[...]