Star Craft II Now Has Vicious AI Purifier Fenix Available As A Co-Op Commander


A new Co-op Commander is ready to take to the battlefield in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. A fearless and honorable warrior in life, Fenix now returns as a valiant Purifier who'll sacrifice anything to protect his people. Before his death, his consciousness including all of his memories and emotions was uploaded into a sophisticated data network as part of the secret purifier project. When the protoss leader, Artanis, sought a weapon to aid in his fight against Amon, he encountered the remnants of the purifier project along with the Fenix prototype. It was then that he was activated.

Thanks to his A.I. consciousness, Fenix can transfer between several Purifier weapon suits—Praetor Armor, Solarite Dragoon, and Cybros Arbiter—allowing him to shift his abilities according to battlefield conditions. His skills include:

  • Whirlwind — This Praetor Armor ability deals damage per second to nearby enemies
  • Solar Cannon — This Solarite Dragoon ability fires a piercing beam that damages a line of enemy units
  • Recall — This Cybros Arbiter ability teleports all friendly units in a target area to Fenix's location

Players can also unlock up to six elite Protoss champions to assist Fenix on the front lines, each one armed with unique abilities and bolstered stats.

Fenix is ready to serve, and is available for players to purchase in game immediately. You can find out more about him in Blizzard's blog post. Or take a gander at Fenix in action in the video below.


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