Star Wars Gets Some Innovative New Funko Pops Exclusive To Walmart

Star Wars is going to be the guinea pig for a new kind of Funko Pop. It's kind of exciting! This is a direction I was hoping they would go with Pops. Not just with Star Wars — with quite a few things. As with most things, though, Star Wars lends itself more to this sort of thing.

Star Wars Movie Moments Funko Pops

Every single one of these is awesome. They tested this out with the Cloud City set that was exclusive to Walgreens earlier this year. That one was just as cool, featuring the iconic moment when Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is indeed his father as they duel each other.

What I like about these sets is they expand on what a Pop can be. I love Funko Pops as much as anyone,  but even I will admit that sometimes it gets a little stale just seeing the figures posed in the boxes. These are more dynamic, even if you leave them in the box. Why would you, though? Look at these!

For my favorite of these four, I would have to go with either the trash compactor set or the Cantina face-off. Both feature Pops in different poses and unique bases, with little nods other than just the characters. Just all-around great stuff.

Star Wars Leia and Luke On Endor Speeders Pop Deluxe

Not exclusive to Walmart, these new deluxe Pops are also sure to fly off shelves. Leia and Luke look really good. Yes, if you just take a quick look they look very similar, but each has their respective Endor gear on. The speeder bike is on of my three favorite Star Wars vehicles (along with Luke's landspeeder and the TIE fighter), so I will be getting both. Luke being a Chase is interesting. At 1 in 3, it may be a bit easier to find, but since there are less pieces per case for deluxe figures, it's pretty much the same odds as a regular chase.

All of these sets will be out in November.

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