Stranger Things Gets 1980s-Style Action Figures From Funko

Stranger Things is about to take over the world with the shows second season set to debut October 27 on Netflix. Netflix has partnered with Funko to produce products from the show as well. Pops, Dorbz, plush, a little bit of everything. that also includes a new wave of 3.75 inch action figures hitting store shelves now. As a giant fan of the show I had to have these, and I managed to find them pretty easily. Let us take a look shall we?

The Packaging

The packaging is both nice and leaves a little to be desired. Graphics-wise, it is a home run. From the logo at the top of the box to the poster graphic on the back, it grabs your attention and looks fantastic. I also love the Christmas lights on the sides. Where this fails for me is the plastic tray they used. It warps the legs on the figures a bit. My Eleven figure has a bum leg because of it. If you are a MOC collector you will be fine however.

The Figures


Each figure comes with a backpack and all but Will comes with an accessory that the character uses on the show. Eleven of course comes with a box of Eggos. All of the figures are sculpted well, and are nostalgia fuel for those of us who love collecting things like Kenner Star Wars figures. Out of all the kids, my favorite here is Dustin, he looks pretty perfect for what these are. The downside is that the joints are very brittle. Arms and legs pop out of their sockets constantly with regularity. They are pretty hard to pose and stand as well.

This is especially true with the Demogorgon figure. While the sculpt is magnificent, the joints near his feet make it impossible to stand. If not leaning against something he falls right over on his brittle ankles. It is a shame, because looks wise they nailed this one. The paint apps here are perfect as well, if they just would have used better joints it would have changed everything.

Overall at $20 for three figures, I would say these are for fans of the show only and leave them in the package. They will display better that way and you won't have to deal with the limitations of the figures. This is not to say that they are terrible, just a let down. Maybe the McFarlane 6 inch figures will swoop in and blow us away and be the figures this show deserves.

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