Some Surprising Exclusives For Funko: Cars 3 Pops


Funko news pours out of everywhere all the time, and today it is about their line of Pops to support the upcoming Pixar film Cars 3. What is news about these: there will be a Meijer exclusive version of Lightning McQueen released, this one in Gray. Meijer is a Walmart-esque store chain in the Midwest US, although they are expanding a bit. The closest one to me is over two-hours away, so I will go ahead and say this will be the hardest of the Pops to get your hands on. Other exclusives include a chrome version of Lightning at Target, and Walmart will receive Pops of Luigi and Guido. Walmart exclusives always tend to be hard to get as well, since Walmart is extremely lax (yeah, that's how we can put that) getting things on the shelves on time. Lightning and new character Cruz Ramirez will be available everywhere. I don't get the love for the Cars series of films, but I will admit that these sculpts are pretty fantastic. And I love the chrome look to the Target exclusive, that makes total sense to do in a series like this.


Cars 3 hits theaters in June, on June 16 to be exact. These Pops however should be hitting shelves any day now, as they are due to be in stores in May. I will be watching with a very close eye on how the Meijer store exclusive does. Yet another place to have to hunt down Funko Pops. I am sure collectors are thrilled.

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