Thanos Collectors Will Want to Pick up the Hot Toys Cosbaby Figure

Thanos collectors have never had it better. With Infinity War showings beginning this evening, Thanos is everywhere, and people will be gobbling up anything and everything Thanos-related after exiting the theater (trust me).

One product that I happened upon at the Disney Store of all places was the Hot Toys Cosbaby figure of the Mad Titan. I have seen pictures of these for years and never got my hands on one. Fitting that the first would be Thanos, since I thought he looked the best of the ones I had seen. Let's take a look at it!

The packaging was surprising. Not only is it tinier than I thought it would be, but I love the giant window box! If you never wanted to open this one, you could get away with it pretty easily. The Infinity Gauntlet acts as a flap tucking into the box and holding the top down, and the art around the box and including the Gauntlet is awesome. The artwork of Thanos on the side is really cool. I am really impressed.

I open everything, though, and I was excited to get this guy in my hands. Once opened, the quality of the figure itself really was a surprise. Mine features zero paint imperfections (although I have heard that is the exception and not the norm), and it has way more heft to it than I thought. I thought it would be more of a hollow, light figure, but I was dead wrong. The bobblehead on Thanos is a great — it fits the body perfectly. The Gauntlet could be a little bit bigger, but that's not a deal breaker. Even the little plastic Avengers stand is pretty cool. I wonder if that would work with other figures…

I am seriously impressed with my first Hot Toys Cosbaby figure. There are more available at Disney Stores right now, along with other characters like Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, and more.

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