Ragnarok Spoilers Courtesy Of Funko, Along With All The Thor You Can Handle

Ragnarok, the third Thor film, is one of the most anticipated films left to come out this year, and like every other big time release, Funko products are sure to come out with it. The sheer number of products for this release is staggering, and those who have only seen the trailer will want to avoid looking at these pictures, as there are looks and names of characters people may not want spoiled. You have been warned.

Ragnarok Spoilers Courtesy Of Funko, Along With All The Thor You Can Handle

Last chance! Spoilers after this sentence!

Ragnarok Mystery Minis will be around, and would you look at that! Surtur is there! he has long been rumored for this film, and as always, toys reveal all. Fenris Wolf is also here, but we told you about that WAY back like a month ago when we covered the LEGO sets. There will be many exclusives as well at hot topic and Gamestop.

Thor Ragnarok Funko Plush

Ragnarok Plushes are also coming, although there are only three to choose from. Personally, Hulk is a must-own, but I am sure Loki will be a tough get.

Dorbz gets quite a bit of love as well, with no fewer than THREE Hulks coming out. Lots of exclusives as well.

And finally we have the Pops. Again: lots of exclusives here, but the main attractions here are the Ragnarok film versions of Hulk and Surtur Pops. Hela looks amazing as well, and it is awesome to get a cool action pose Heimdall too.

Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop Surtur Gamestop

Look at that guy. It is cool to know he will be in the film, although we still do not know in what way. He will also be a Gamestop exclusive, so he may be a tough get. make sure you preorder people!

All of this stuff is also listed as Series 1, so that means more to come. Personally, if I do not get a Jeff Goldblum Pop from this movie there will be hell to pay.

Look for all of this on shelves this August.

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