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Tonight Is Minccino Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO: September 2022

Tonight is Minccino Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO. From 6–7 PM tonight, Tuesday, September 27th, this Normal-type Pokémon will be appearing with increased frequency in the wild. It will also be responding more frequently to Incense and will even pop up in spawn points that are not normally active. You will need to get out there and walk in order to activate that Incense buff, though. This is the final of four Spotlight Hours of September 2022 in Pokémon GO. With the end of the month approaching, stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for a full breakdown of the upcoming Spotlight Hours in October 2022, airing on the site this week. For now, though, let's get into the details of tonight's Minccino Spotlight Hour.

Minccino in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Minccino in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Now, can Minccino be Shiny in Pokémon GOIt can! Minccino was the focus of a Limited Research Day in February 2020. This event saw both its initial release and Shiny release, making it quite easy for those who played the event to obtain Shiny Minccino. For those who missed out on that event, though, tonight is a terrific chance to get one of the best-looking Shinies in the game. Shiny Minccino looks like a cute bowl of strawberry ice cream with whipped cream on top, so this is definitely one that you're going to want to hunt.

Also, if you are still working on the Level 48 Challenge, tonight's Spotlight Hour is a terrific chance to work on the Catch 480 Normal-type Pokémon task.

Finally, Minccino Spotlight Hour offers double Candy for transferring Pokémon. In order to optimize your gameplay, I would suggest preparing either a tag of Pokémon to transfer before the hour or simply selecting your transfers in the time leading up to the hour so that as soon as it ticks over to 6 PM, you can simply transfer and spend the entire rest of the hour hunting Shiny Minccino.

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