Toy Fair New York: Hasbro My Little Pony and Disney Princess!

Hasbro didn't just bring Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers to Toy Fair. Oh no, they also brought both My Little Pony and Disney Princess figures and dolls! I know in my house, we enjoy both of these properties quite a bit. My daughter was super excited to see all the figures and such that they would have on display today, and she was not disappointed.

It is easy to dismiss the Disney Princess line as just a bunch of dolls and such, but this line has a dedicated fanbase that gobbles up anything and everything that gets released. From the Princesses themselves, to Elena of Avalor, fans have a wide variety of playsets, figure sets, and yes dolls to choose from. The dolls feature high quality hair and outfits, and every Disney Princess is represented. Moana and Frozen have their own lines, with Frozen getting a ton of support still from the animated short Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Not to be outdone, The Decendants has introduced a brand new character named Dizzy, and she has her own doll now.

My Little Pony is coming off a great year. The movie was a great success, Friendship is Magic is about to kick off its eighth season full of new characters and expanding the world Equestria like never before. Not to mention the Equestria Girls show on YouTube every Friday. This year we will get said new characters from the show along with re-releases of the original six Ponies in new packaging that really shows off the figures well. Equestria Girls gets a bunch of new dolls (I have been told to tell everyone that my daughter wants a "Shimmer everything") and both lines gets boxed sets and playsets. One of the cooler things I saw today was the new blind box minis, where you will be able to collect all three versions of each Pony. There will also be product supporting a new holiday special airing later this year.

Another cool thing? Hasbro will be celebrating the 35 anniversary of Pony by releasing a ton of throwback figures and such. Talk about a cool flashback!

Check out all of the goodies below!

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